Investment Opportunities You’re Overlooking

Alternative Investment Opportunities You're Overlooking

When it comes to investments, most people tend to think of traditional options like stocks, bonds, and real estate. While these are certainly important components of a well-rounded investment portfolio, they’re not the only options available. You may be overlooking certain opportunities that can diversify your portfolio and potentially generate attractive returns. In this blog, […]

Is Art A Good Investment?

Is Art A Good Investment For Profit?

If you’re looking to increase your wealth, working a 9-5 job isn’t always the best option. Instead, making smart investments combined with regular income may be the best way for you to increase your wealth. However, there are many investment options out there – whether it be the stock market/ stocks and shares, gold, collectables, […]

What Are Alternative Investments?

What Are Alternative Investments: A Guide

Alternative investments are becoming more and more popular, but what exactly are they, and what are the different types of alternative investments? Alternative investments include a wide range of non-traditional investments that exceed stocks, bonds and cash instruments found in traditional investment portfolios. Alternative assets can range from tangible items such as art and real […]

Are Paintings A Good Investment?

painting as a good invstment

In 2024, more people than ever are investing in art, whether it be prints, sculptures, paintings, or other mediums of art. If you’re considering investing in art, you may be wondering whether paintings are a good investment or whether you should opt for other asset classes. So, are paintings a good investment? In short, yes […]

Understanding Risk vs Reward When Investing

paper displaying Risk vs Reward When Investing

Investing very rarely comes without risk – regardless of the type of investment, whether it be art investment or government bonds, you take on a small risk to earn rewards. But how much risk should you take on? This is where the risk/reward calculation becomes useful. The risk-reward calculation can be a safety net when […]

A Guide to Tax-Efficient Investing

yellow words saying tax on top of coins - tax efficient investing

Whether you’re new to the world of investment or you’re a seasoned investor, you want to make the most out of your investment. To maximise your profit, you will need to consider the tax implications of your investment. This means considering your tax bracket and the impact of Capital Gains Tax. We’re here to help […]

What is Buy-and-Hold Investing? A Guide

blue graph and pie chart indicating buy and hold investment

Buy and hold is one of the oldest investment strategies, praised by top names on the investment scene including Jack Bogle and Warren Buffet. It’s a great strategy if you’re looking for healthy long-term returns. But what exactly is buy-and-hold investing? How does it work? That’s what we’ll be exploring in this blog post. Today, […]

How to Balance Your Investment Portfolio

statue holding scales - reflecting balanced investment portfolio

Whether you’re just beginning your investment journey or you’re a seasoned investor looking for tips on how to balance your portfolio and make the most out of your investments, you’re in the right place. A balanced portfolio is ultimately key to a successful investment journey. It involves investing in a range of asset classes, from […]

How to Invest a Lump Sum of Money

jar of coins for investing a lump sum of money

Whether you’ve earned or received a lump sum, investing can be a great way to grow your wealth over time. However, the world of investment can be tough, and you may be left wondering where to start. In this guide, we’ll explore how to invest a lump sum of money, including: Understanding what constitutes a […]

Best High Risk Investments to Invest In

GBP notes and coins - high risk investments to invest in

Investing pretty much always comes with some level of risk – but if you’re looking for higher returns, high-risk investments may be the best option. But what are some of the best high-risk investments to invest in? That’s what we’ll be covering in this guide – some of the best high-risk investments include: Individual stocks […]