Philip Colbert

Philip Colbert is a prominent British artist celebrated for his multifaceted creative expression, spanning the realms of painting, sculpture, fashion, furniture, and design. Renowned for his exuberant approach to contemporary art, Colbert has been likened to a modern-day successor to Andy Warhol, earning him the affectionate moniker of “The godson of Andy Warhol” from the eminent Andre Leon Talley. In the realm of pop art, i-D magazine hails him as “the crown prince,” underlining his profound influence on the movement.

In April 2022, Colbert made a groundbreaking foray into the world of NFTs with an ambitious project titled “The Lobstars,” which featured an astonishing collection of 7,777 JPEG images showcasing an array of lobsters.

Colbert’s artistic oeuvre takes inspiration from the pop art greats like Richard Hamilton, James Rosenquist, and Roy Lichtenstein, blending the spirit of appropriation into his works. He describes his creative persona as a “cartoon contemporary protagonist of surrealism.” His paintings seamlessly weave together the classical influences of Old Masters such as Rubens and Van Dyck with a deep fascination for the imagery of everyday consumer culture and the overwhelming presence of digital media.

Colbert’s creative journey extends beyond the canvas to encompass wearable artworks, with creations like the “Urinal Dress,” “Meat Dress,” and “Washing Machine Dress.” His art not only graces the walls of galleries but becomes an integral part of personal expression.

In 2015, Colbert lent his artistic touch to a clothing line for the Tate Modern’s “The World Goes Pop” exhibition. His impressive large-scale paintings made their grand debut at the Saatchi Gallery, a pivotal moment in his career.

A notable feature of Colbert’s work is the presence of his Lobster Alter Ego, which takes center stage in his large-scale pop narrative paintings. These whimsical, lobster-themed artworks transport viewers into a world of visual excess, where the fusion of Instagram and social media imagery collides with the legacy of art.

In 2018, Colbert ventured into the world of film and theater with the launch of the Popcorn Group, aiming to produce feature films and theater productions, expanding his creative influence even further.

In a recent milestone event, Colbert enjoyed the esteemed position of guest of honor at the Dionysus wine fair held at the Mayfield Hotel in Seoul in September 2023. An exhibition titled “Beyond the Field,” featuring his captivating artworks, was unveiled at the hotel and is set to captivate audiences until February 2024. Guests had the privilege of engaging with the artist himself, adding a unique interactive dimension to the experience. Philip Colbert’s art is a testament to the fusion of contemporary culture, pop iconography, and boundless creativity.

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